Meet Krista

    I am a therapist and an artist based in Saint Paul, MN. I graduated from Alfred Adler Graduate School, with a masters degree specializing in Art Therapy and Family Systems in 2017. I believe "Art Heals". These two simple words have become my life motto. As a young girl I struggled to find relief and emotional escape while growing up in a home where I was exposed to unmanaged mental illness and abuse. Through this journey I found that I could turn pain into purpose, using art to express pain and create a meaning. I continue to use this form of expression to teach and heal others.​

    In my pursuit to heal lives through creative expression, I traveled the world volunteering, teaching, practicing, advocating, and healing those who have experienced abuse, neglect, pain, grief, loss, mental illness, or

depression. My art and work as a therapist is extremely meaningful for me -

allowing my own story to come full circle and give purpose to my experiences. 

I hope to share my passion for this unique work with my clients, while inspiring them to connect with their own creative life force and unique personal life story. I do not have formal fine arts training, nor do I consider myself to be a professional artist. I encourage clients to scribble, doodle, and focus on simple ideas of colors, lines, shapes, textures and words. The process unfolds simply; a client is free to express and stand witness to the authenticity that emerges. I assist each client to find their own unique creative language, free from their own judgements of what art “should be” or “should look like”. Throughout this process we will explore current patterns of behavior or thoughts that might be unhelpful to your desired lifestyle. Life mimics art as art mimics life. 


Over the past 6 years I have been facilitating healing art groups to a wide variety of ages, cultures and abilities. I began as a lead mentor with Free Arts Minnesota providing healing arts groups for kids and teens dealing with abuse, neglect, or homelessness. I then began working as the spokesperson for Free Arts MN as well as the International Child Art Foundation - providing art relief to survivors of natural disaster. This took me on a journey all over the world promoting and leading healing arts based groups and educational lectures. More recently, I worked in healthcare organization with adolescents and young adults recovering from substance abuse as well as adults and teens in recovery from eating disorders. 

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*Krista is an unlicensed Masters level Mental Health Practitioner pursuing

 board certification under a board approved licensed supervisor.