1121 Northeast Jackson Street 
Minneapolis MN 55413

Here are a few important changes you need to know before your first session. 

1: Parking

The building has two parking lots. One small lot in the front and one larger in the back. I recommend parking in the back lot. To get to the back parking lot turn onto Jackson Street and follow it towards a sign that says "Dead End", continue to turn right to loop around the building until you reach the parking lot. Enter the door marked 1121D. You will find me just a few doors down the hall. 

Step 2: Door Policy

The door will be closed until the time of your session. Please wait until I open the door to enter. Bathroom doors are locked and require a key fob entrance. I will have a key in the studio you can use before or after we start our session. 

Step 3: Guests

I no longer have a waiting room area. This means, guests will NOT have a place to wait while we are in session. Instead, we have options to go to coffee shops (1 block away), breweries/restaurants, yoga studios, or a lovely picnic table in the back of the building to hang out.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.